Joining Avon

Avon is the place where women and men can earn great money, work from home and make new friends. Whether you want to earn a few extra pounds selling to family or friends as an Avon Representative, or grow a much bigger business as an Avon Sales Leader, we have the Avon path that’s right for you.

Why Sell Avon?

Avon is one of the world's largest direct sellers. Being an Avon Representative means you’re selling an iconic global brand while running your own local business. With Avon, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Avon's field management, as well as your fellow Representatives, provide mentoring, training and support every step of the way.

Become an Avon Representative

Becoming an Independent Avon Sales Representative is a fun, simple and exciting way to earn an extra income.

We will then support you as much as you need either by phone or in person. We are only a phone call away.

As an Independent Avon Representative you will benefit from the following:-


  • Working from home
  • No initial outlay
  • Free brochures for your first and second campaigns to get you started
  • Free delivery and free returns on all products
  • Discount on all products from your personal own "First Look magazine"
  • Your own personal website for online ordering
  • Full money back no quibble guarantee on all products
  • Full training and support for Representatives and Sales leaders
  • Fast Start bonuses for those wishing to become Sales Leaders
  • 18 pay days in a year
  • Free Online brochure link


There are 18 AVON brochures a year, so there's a new brochure every 3 weeks. With different offers to show to your local customers, your family and friends, or perhaps even your work colleagues.

AVON gives you the opportunity to work from home, choosing your own hours around your family and work commitments. You choose how you wish to sell Avon. You can sell on a territory which is usually roads around where you live or you can sell to family and friends, to work colleagues or a combination of all three.

Once you are an Independent Avon Representative, you will have access to Avon's Representative website, where you can check and track your orders, check your delivery dates, look at your invoices and read about new products, take a look at Avons beauty forum and tips/ideas on increasing sales in the training room plus you can also make online payments to your account.


Becoming an Avon Sales Leader

Could you manage your own team? Earn from their efforts? Be your own boss? Choose your own hours? You can do all of these things. The beauty of sales leadership is that the more time you choose to invest, the bigger the potential rewards. That is why AVON call it their earnings opportunity. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.... You will recruit, train and support your own team of Independent AVON representatives, earning from their sales, and then from their team's sales, then their teams's team's sales as your business grows. You can work around your usual day job, perhaps fitting in recruiting at weekends or on days off. Or you can make sales leadership your full time business. Avon sales leadership is all about network marketing and creating opportunities for yourself and your new independent AVON representatives, who could also become potential downline sales leaders for you in the future. Earnings are calculated according to the size and level of your team, but there are sales leaders in the UK, who are achieving £2,000 PER CAMPAIGN. They are full time sales leaders, of course but the unlimited earning opportunity is there for ANYONE. Other Rewards include the opportunity to win holidays, cars, laptops, cash prises and much more.


You will recruit and manage your own team of Independent Avon Representatives and as you build your team you will see your earnings grow with each newly appointed team member. You will receive a commission on your team of Independent Representatives based on their sales (minimum 5 team members for Co-ordinator level). Promoting, training and supporting one of your team members to the qualifying level of Independent Co-ordinator awards you further bonuses. This is in addition to the commissions you will earn on your team. This is just the beginning of the many rewards in your AVON Advanced Leadership career.